Complimentary Monthly Workshops

Our monthly workshops are paused until further notice.

Due to the ongoing COVID19 pandemic, Landegger, Verano & Davis has temporarily paused all in-person complimentary workshops. Please check with us in the future for information on our schedule to resume them.

Please subscribe to our YouTube channel for ongoing education and learning. Listed below are some videos published recently:

  1. 2022 Employment Law Update. Presented by Kristina Kourasis, Esq to keep you informed with new California employment laws as you make your way into 2022.
  2. Silenced No More – SB 331 Act Explained by An Employment Lawyer Presented by Marie Davis, Esq. – This law targets NDAs that prevent employees from speaking about workplace discrimination.
  3. LA County and City of LA Vaccine Verification Explained by An Employment Lawyer Presented by Alysha Zapata, Esq. – Alysha explains the new proof of vaccination requirements (vaccination verification) at indoor and outdoor establishments in LA County and City of LA.
  4. Vaccines in the Workplace – Employment Lawyer Explains Vaccine Mandate, Biden Executive Orders Presented by Marie Davis, Esq. – Marie explains the frequently asked questions on the topic of “Vaccines in the Workplace” and all sort of executive orders and upcoming regulations on vaccine mandates, vaccine verification, and your options.
  5. Vaccine Mandate – Employment Attorney Explains Religious Exemption Vaccine Form Presented by Kristina Kourasis, Esq. – Kristina answers this difficult question of “What do you do when you, the employer, receives a Religious Exemption Request from one of your employees?”
Complimentary Labor Law HR Workshops

Thank you for understanding and we look forward to seeing you again soon in the future