Our Firm’s History

Employers have suffered tremendous financial losses for the past four decades due to an exponential increase in employee-related lawsuits. Alfred Landegger started Landegger Verano & Davis 45 years ago to provide employers with the expert representation they needed to help level the playing field. With our main office in Encino and satellite offices in Pasadena and Ventura County, we are poised to face your legal challenges head-on through education, proactive solutions, and if need be, rigorous litigation.

Our Mission

Landegger Verano & Davis’s mission is to empower employers through comprehensive education and strategic guidance in labor law matters. We believe in fostering a culture of informed compliance to mitigate legal risks and promote a harmonious employer-employee relationship through collaborative, proactive strategies tailored to each client’s needs. By providing customized legal guidance, conducting management training seminars, and meticulous document review to ensure compliance with federal, state, and local law, we aim to prevent litigation and maintain a compliant workplace environment.

Why Choose Landegger Verano & Davis?

Our relationships with our clients are built on a simple principle: we put your company’s interests front and center. We deliver exceptional, cost-effective legal representation encompassing the full spectrum of labor and employment law. We prioritize client objectives, offering tailored strategies and vigilant protection while optimizing resources. Our expert team of employment lawyers will help your company with our collaborative and proactive solutions:

  • How to discipline and discharge employees without getting sued
  • Drafting and negotiating employment and confidentiality agreements
  • Management training for common Human Resource issues
  • Sexual harassment prevention training
  • Developing both Federal and State compliant employee handbooks
  • Collective bargaining and how to remain “union-free”
  • Wage and hour audits and claims with CA.DLSE, the California Labor Commissioner, the California EDD, and the DOL

We look forward to meeting with you

to discuss how we can become a part of your team and help your company succeed and prosper.
We will serve as your trusted counsel for all your employment law needs. Please contact us for more information.