Firm Profile

In 1979, Alfred Landegger recognized the uncomfortable tone and direction of the laws impacting the balance in the California employer/employee relationship. This led him to found Landegger Verano & Davis, which was based on the premise that employers in California were terribly underserved and needed focused, expert representation in all areas of employment law. The complexity and volume of new bills and laws arriving from Sacramento and Washington DC on behalf of employees was staggering.

For the past three decades, employers have suffered tremendous financial losses as litigation has expanded exponentially. Landegger Verano & Davis brings to the table both solutions and resolution. After many years of trial by fire, the firm is solidly positioned to give employers the tools they need to level the playing field. Our enviable success is no secret among our peers and our rock-solid results over the years speak volumes. We are very proud of our firm’s diversity embodied in a winning team of ten highly skilled attorneys focused on meeting and then exceeding your expectations.

Our philosophy:

We believe in pre-emptive education for employers which includes proper management of the employer-employee relationship and which clearly and statistically reduces the incidence of possible legal risk or litigation. We understand the importance of keeping our clients in front of the ever- changing landslide of employee centered legislation promulgated by lawmakers.

Our commitment:

Simply stated, we provide our clients with high quality, cost effective legal representation that encompasses all aspects of the labor and employment law field. We promise to listen and then help you navigate the most expedient course to attain your goals and protect your interests and pocket book.

Our approach:

We assess, design, implement and then execute a collaborative and highly proactive plan for each client that includes an individual menu of legal guidance. We formulate customized legal game plans according to our clients’ individual needs. We assist our clients in avoiding litigation by creating or editing employee hand books and by providing management training seminars. Our document review services give our clients the assurance that the workplace is functioning in accordance with applicable Federal, State and local laws.

Our goal:

A successful outcome and our client’s satisfaction is our first and our last objective. In so doing, we are realistic enough to know that we cannot fully stem the tides of change with a few legal sandbags to protect the California employer’s exposure. That said, we also understand and see excellent results when we partner with our employer clients in a consistent and ongoing setting of education and training designed to avoid the obvious pitfalls that so often lead to complaints and lawsuits.