Onboarding – New Hire Package Explained by An Employment Lawyer

Onboarding - New Hire Package for California Employers

What should I include in a new hire package during the onboarding process? This is essential for any California employer, business owner, or human resources (HR) professional. A well-designed onboarding packet can help your new hires to learn about your company, and also ensure you’re compliant with employment and labor laws.

Wonder no more, our 5-star expert employment lawyer, Renia Zadourian, Esq. thoroughly explains the New Hire Package and documents to include.

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New Hire Package Video Summary:

Watch Onboarding – New Hire Package Explained by An Employment Lawyer on YouTube by Renia Zadourian, Esq. to stay compliant! Below is a brief recap:

  • 03:3705:57 – Renia explains various documents from Employment Application, Notice to Employee (Labor Code section 2810.5), W4, I-9, and I-9 verification for remote employees. Did you know it’s mandatory to provide the Notice to Employee document to their new hires as part of the onboarding process?
  • 05:5708:30 Renia talks about the Workers Compensation Package (Labor Code Section 3700), Calfornia’s benefits regarding unemployment insurance, disability insurance, paid family leave, and workforce services.
  • 08:3009:50 Renia touches on the importance of having sexual harassment training, and the need to develop a harassment, discrimination, and retaliation prevention policy.
  • 09:5012:12 Renia discusses the importance of a Meal and Rest period policy and a paid sick leave policy for California employers. Employees should sign and date on the Meal and Rest Period Policy document.
  • 12:1214:03 Renia explains the Employee Handbook and its importance of protecting your business against employee lawsuits and claims. It’s an essential introduction for your new hires, providing insights into your company policies, and communicating your company’s expectations.

Renia Zadourian, Esq. is an employment law attorney with Landegger Verano & Davis, ALC. Renia is fluent in Armenian and Farsi Languages, and she’s based in the Encino office, serving greater Los Angeles area in Southern California.

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Wow, this firm and Renia Zadourian is awesome. Very responsive. Very sensible. They helped put together employee severance agreements, helped through dealing with a difficult employee all while selling my business. I would recommend them and would certainly use them and Renia again.

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