Free Live Webinar: Landegger & Novatime Join For Event: Wages & Hours


September 10, 2014 – 10:30am PST / 1:30pm EST

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novatime-logo-squareNOVAtime Announces Upcoming Free Live Webinar: Wage & Hour: Understand the Laws and Avoid Litigation

NOVAtime invites business owners and HR professionals to register for its free webinar: Wage & Hour: Understand the Laws and Avoid Litigation, to be held online on September 10, 2014.

Diamond Bar, CALIF., August 27, 2014 — NOVAtime Technology, Inc., a leading provider of workforce management solutions, announced today that it will hold a free live webinar on Wednesday, September 10, 2014 on Wage and Hour laws. Called Wage & Hour: Understand the Laws and Avoid Litigation, the webinar is presented in partnership with Landegger Baron Law Group and aims to help business owners and HR professionals improve their understanding of wage and hour laws and thus avoid costly lawsuits.

With 35 years of experience advising and defending employers, Landegger Baron Law Group has an enviable track record of settling wage and hour suits, including complex class actions. As the webinar’s panelists, the firm’s knowledgeable attorneys will share this wealth of experience with webinar participants, focusing on the most common issues that businesses and HR professionals face.

The discussion will first provide an overview of the evolving labor law landscape, from the top three types of wage and hour claims brought against employers to the growth in class action lawsuits and PAGA (Private Attorney General Act) claims. Participants will then have the opportunity to learn ways to mitigate and prevent wage and hour litigation. Employee handbooks, EPLO (Employment Practices Liability Insurance), and audits will all be discussed. New marijuana laws have also presented unique challenges to businesses and HR professionals, and the attorneys from Landegger Baron Law Group will help participants make sense of these often conflicting laws.

Founded with the mission of continual research and development in the area of workforce management, NOVAtime strives to stay abreast of the changing labor landscape and help companies do the same. Through events like the upcoming Wage and Hour webinar, NOVAtime seeks to provide its customers with the critical knowledge and tools they need in a convenient, practical format. According to Scott Rose, NOVAtime’s Enterprise Account Manager, “This is an awesome opportunity for HR professionals to discover the top three claims in wage and hour litigation and learn more to protect their companies, while staying up-to-date with the new marijuana laws.” Adding, “Best of all, it’s FREE!”

Mr. Rose emphasizes, “As a ‘Best of Breed’ provider of Workforce Management/Time & Attendance technologies, we feel strongly about not only providing the best solutions and support, but the ancillary services as well. According to our customers, Wage and Hour Litigation tops the list of concerns that keep them up at night, and since our systems help reduce the risk of these types of events from happening, we try to keep our customers and prospects informed of the latest compliance concerns as they appear.”

Interested business owners and HR professionals can register for Wage & Hour: Understand the Laws and Avoid Litigation at The webinar will begin at 10:30am Pacific Standard Time / 1:30pm Eastern Standard time and will take place online.  One of the lucky attendees will win a FREE Nexus 7 tablet!

About Landegger Baron Law Group

We believe in pre-emptive education for Employers. This includes proper management of the employer-employee relationship which clearly and statistically reduces the incidence of possible legal risk or litigation. We understand the importance of keeping our clients in front of the ever-changing landslide of employee-centered legislation promulgated by our legislators. Simply stated, we provide our clients with high quality, cost effective legal representation that encompasses all aspects of the labor and employment law field.

Through our monthly series of free workshops, seminars and webinars, the Attorneys at Landegger Baron share valuable knowledge and tips on a regular basis through Chambers of Commerce, H.R associations and employee and professional groups. An example of one topic for the Month of May is, “Parenting class for Employers”. Many of our topics also qualify for HRCI completion certificates and credits to those attending.

About NOVAtime

With corporate offices located in Diamond Bar, California, NOVAtime Technology, Inc. is consistently recognized as a technological leader of the Workforce Management industry. NOVAtime is known for their scalable and industry-leading software and hardware technology, and many of the best-managed companies in the world have chosen NOVAtime as the preferred Time and Attendance / Workforce Management solution provider. The latest NOVAtime 4000 solution is innovative, reliable, and fully integrated with time and attendance, scheduling, leave and accrual, expense tracking, etc. The application can be delivered through NOVAtime’s true Software as a Service (SaaS), which is hosted through the cloud, or it can be provided as an on-premise, licensed model that is installed on the customer’s servers. NOVAtime is also a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner with FrontRunner Status. For more information on NOVAtime, please visit or call 877-486-6682.