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In this section you will find informational materials from each of our monthly workshops, materials from various seminars and articles written for distribution.

In this section you will find informational materials from each of our monthly workshops, materials from various seminars and articles written for distribution.

2019 Workshop Materials

January 2019 Workshop


March 2019 Workshop


May 2019 Workshop


July 2019 Workshop


September 2019 Workshop


October 2019 Workshop

Navigating the Maze of California and Local Paid Leaves of Absence Laws

November 2019 Workshop


December 2019 Workshop


2018 Workshop Materials Archives

January 2018 Workshop


March 2018 Workshop & Webinar

When a Cough Becomes an Employment Law Flu | Best Payroll Practices to Avoid Employment Law Issues

April 2018 Workshop

When a Cough Becomes an Employment Law Flu | Best Payroll Practices to Avoid Employment Law Issues

May 2018 Workshop

Navigate The I-9 Rules Like A Viking To Avoid Sinking Your Business In Lawsuits And Penalties

July 2018 Workshop

PowerPoint Presentation – Interactive Process and Rx Accommodation

DFEH_Reasonable Accommodation (final) handout with cover

July 2018 PowerPoint Attendee Handout

September 2018 Workshop

PDF Handout: Discipline & Discharge – How to successfully manage your employees

PowerPoint: “Discipline & Discharge – How to successfully manage your employees”

October 2018 Workshop

PowerPoint: “Supreme Court Shockwaves Rocking the Independent Contractor and De Minimis Terrain: Where Does Your Business Stand?”

2017 Workshop Materials Archives

January 2017

February 2017

March 2017

April 2017

May 2017

June 2017

July 2017

August 2017

  •  No August Workshop

September 2017

October 2017

November 2017

  • No November Workshop

December 2017

  • No December Workshop

2016 Workshop Material Archives

January 2016

February 2016

March 2016

April 2016

May 2016

June 2016

July 2016

August 2016

  •  No Workshop

September 2016

October 2016

November 2016

  •   No Workshop

December 2016

  •   No Workshop

2015 Workshop Material Archives

January 2015

February 2015

March 2015

April 2015

May 2015

June 2015

July 2015

August 2015

September 2015

  •  No workshop materials this month.

October 2015

November 2015

  •   No workshop materials this month.

December 2015

  •   No workshop materials this month.

2014 Workshop Material Archives

January 2014

February 2014

March 2014

April 2014

May 2014

June 2014

July 2014

August 2014

No Workshop

September 2014

October 2014

November 2014


December 2014


2013 Workshop Material Archives

January 2013

2013 Legal Update!  What Every Employer Needs To Know 

February 2013

Leaves Of Absences and Land-mines For Employers

March 2013

The Biggest Mistakes Employers Make And End Up With A Lawsuit

April 2013

Provisions That Will Impact Individuals & Employers 

Health Care Reform Presentation by SGB-NIA Insurance Brokers

May 2013

Weathering the Social Media Storm:  The legal & ethical implications of social mediaWeathering the Social Media Storm

June 2013

I WAS JUST SEXUALLY HARASSED! What To Do When One Of Your Employees Makes A Complaint

July 2013



September 2013

California Employers Under Attack In Wage And Hour Litigation.Learn How to Defend Yourself through a Comprehensive Wage and Hour AuditState of California The Laws Relating to The Time, Manner and Payment of Wages

2012 Workshop Material Archives

January 2012

What’s New, What’s Old and What A Year It’s Going To Be

New CA Laws and National Labor Relations Board Posting Requirements

March 2012

How to Discipline and Terminate Without Getting Sued

A Proven Method for Analyzing Any Situation

 May 2012

How To Work With Your Workers’ Compensation Carrier For The Best Outcomes

 July 2012

 Employer Documents and Forms Required in California

 LBLI_Brinker_2012_Handout 2Wage and Hour Law Threats to the Flat Rate System_Handout 3

October 2012

 It Was a Hot Summer!

California Class Actions after Brinker

2011 Workshop Material Archives

January 2011

“It’s 2011! What Is Hot and What Is Not.”Bring Us Your Toughest Employment Issues for a Lively Roundtable Discussion. Additional information provided on: Leaves of Absences; The New PDL Regulations; Wage and Hour; and EPLI.

February 2011

“How to Remain Union Free”Is Your Company a Union Target?

March 2011

INVESTIGATION BOOTCAMPHow to Conduct a Workplace Investigation

April 2011

Employment Law WorkshopI9 Procedures and Audits

May 2011

Top 10 H.R. Mistakes Made by Supervisors and How to Avoid ThemManaging Employees With Success 

June 2011

WAGE & HOUR CLAIMS CLASS ACTIONS– The California Curse –Wage & Hour Concerns-Compliance PresentationWage & Hour Concerns – Compliance QuizClient Bulletin “Ouch! Supreme Court Wal-Mart Decision Is a Blow to Plaintiffs”

July 2011

CLIENT ALERT by Corey A. IngberWhat actions, if any, should be taken when we are still getting medical reports from out-of-network physicians?MEDICAL PROVIDER NETWORKSHow Can They Be Effective?

August 2011

Employer Documents & Forms Required in CaliforniaModel Dispute Resolution Agreement (Arbitration)Employers Should Consider Waivers of Class Claims – Class ADR Waiver

September 2011

“The National Labor Relations Board Requires Your Company to Post the Roadmap for Your Employees to Become Union.”

October 2011

Happy Halloween! “You Want To See Something Really Scary?”Top Five Legal Causes of Action Asserted Against Employers And How You Can Avoid Them

2010 Workshop Material Archives

January 2010

Be Prepared for 2010

What to Expect and What Not to Neglect

Supplemental Forms and Policies

February 2010

2010 Workers’ Compensation

Mysteries of the Claim Form and How it Triggers the Presumption of Compensability

March 2010

Overtime Exemptions

How to Avoid Classification Mistakes


Wage & Hour Laws in California

Don’t unknowingly Break the Law – Learn How to Meet the State’s Requirements

April 2010

“How to Suceed in Business: a Unique Workshop on How to Avoid Litigation, Resolve Conflict, and Be Successful and Less Stressed!”

2010-04 Toxic Employees

By: Michael S. Lavenant, Esq.


Good Life Roadmaps A

Good Life Roadmaps B

Good Life Roadmaps C

By: Rosalinda O’Neill, LMFT Business Therapist

June 2010

Paving the Way — 2010

New Hire Documentation, Posters and Policies

July 2010

Qualified Retirement Plans:

“The Three Pronged Effect Effect”

August 2010

How to Discipline and Terminate Without Getting Sued

A Proven Method for Analyzing Any Situation

September 2010

Go Ahead and Take a Leave of Absence

What Do I Need To Know?

DFEH Pamphlet

Pregnancy Leave

October 2010

“I’ve Been Subjected to a Hostile Work Environment”

What Is Discrimination and What Is Not

2009 Workshop Material Archives

January 2009

Getting Ready for 2009

New Laws for a New Year!

(FMLA Modifications; ADA Amendments catch up to CA;

Cell Phone Rules Change again; RIF’s: Why, When & How?;

Meal Periods: To Break or not to Break; Mileage Reimbursements)

February 2009

Leaves of Absence

Exploring the new FMLA Regulations

March 2009

Overtime Exemptions

How to Avoid Classification Mistakes

April 2009

Discipline And Discharge

How to Manage Employees with Success

May 2009

Wage and Hour Laws in California

Don’t Unknowingly Break the Law – Learn How to Meet the State’s Requirements

Jun 2009

Handling Discrimination Complaints

What To Do When State Agencies Come Knocking

July 2009

When Definitions Mean Dollars Employee, Independent Contractor or Volunteers

August 2009

Interaction of Workers’ Compensation FEHA/FMLA/ADD Management of Benefits and Leaves of Absence

Management of Benefits and Leaves of Absence

September 2009

Employee Classification – Employee, Independent Contractor or Volunteers?

When Definitions Means Dollars

October 2009

Paving The Way

New Hire Documentation, Posters & Policies

2008 Workshop Material Archives

WORKSHOP MATERIALSGetting Ready for 2008

New Laws For The New Year!New Developments In California’s Wage & Hour Law

Don’t Unknowingly Break The LawInsuring Your Company Against Employee Claims Can Your Company Defend Itself?


Paving The Way

New Hire Documentation, Posters & Policies


Discipline & Discharge

How To Manage Employees with Success


Leaves of Absence

Let Me Count The Ways


Employee, Independent Contractor or Volunteer

When Definitions Mean Dollars


Staying Within The Lines

Making Your Employee Handbook Work For You


What To Do When The DFEH Comes Knocking

Handling Discrimination Complaints


Payroll Management and Record Retention

Punching In, Paying Out and Holding On




Avoiding & Managing Toxic Employees

An Ounce of Prevention And A Pound of Cure

2007 Workshop Material Archives

March 2007 Newsletter:

2006 Workshop Material Archives

April 2006

Download PDF


  • Sexual Harassment Training for All New Supervisors must Be Completed Within Six Months of Hire Date or Date of Promotion to a Supervisory Position.

March 2006

Download PDF

  • Litigation Alert Affecting All Non-Profit Organizations.

February 2006

Download PDF

  • “UNION FREE”.  So What Should You Do?

January 2006

Download PDF

  • Protecting Your Company In 2006 and Beyond
  • Discussion on Sexual Harassment Training
  • Wage and Hour Compliance
  • Minimum Wage Increase
  • Social Security Numbers On Paychecks
  • Revised Federal From I-9
  • New Strategy for Your Company if You want
  • to remain “Union Free”
  • Change to Win Coalation (“CTW”)

2005 Workshop Material Archives

January 2005


  • Sexual Harassment Training For Supervisors Is Required By California Law If You Have More Than Fifty Employees.
  • Sexual Harassment Training for Supervisors Is Recommended By Our Firm Even If You Have Less Than Fifty Employees

2004 Workshop Material Archives

August 2004


  • The “Bounty Hunter Law” Update.

July 2004

  • The Labor Code Private Attorney General Act of 2004; Better Known as the “Bounty Hunter Law”.

June 2004

  • The Importance of Compliance of California Law In Light of the California “Bounty Hunter Statute”.

January 2004

  • Employee Relations Policy ( Policy Against Discrimination, Policy
  • Against Harassment, Including Sexual Harassment, Complaint and Investigation
  • Procedure); Sample Physical & Mental Disability Policy  (California Law broader
  • than ADA Policy); Family Leave of Absence Policy (Consistent with law effective July 1, 2004 for benefits to collect; and Family Temporary Disability Insurance (“FTDI”).

2003 Workshop Material Archives

November 2003


  • New California Employment Laws Paid Family Medical Leave (SB 1661);
  • Extended Whistleblower Protections (SB 777); Discussing Pay and Working Conditions (AB 2895); Harassment by Non-employees (AB 76); Gender Identity Is Now Sexual Discrimination (AB 196); Greater Exposure for Attorneys Fees in Wage Disputes (AB 223); Increased Labor Code Fines (AB 276); Private Enforcement of Labor Code Violations (SB 796); Reporting Identity Theft (AB 1386); and Health Care (SB 2) The Ongoing Crises In Employment Practices Liability Insurance (courtesy of : The Law Offices of Tasoff & Tasoff) USA Jobs Protection Act of 2003 Introduced in House and Senate More Bad News for H-1 Visas – The Government Will Soon Run out.

August 2003

  • The Employment Practice Liability Insurance Crises; The Trend In Intellectual Property Lawsuits Corporate Giants’ Consent Judgments-Shame On Them!; Continuation Of Health Care Coverage Up To 36 Months; Travel Time Under California Law; Legal Issues For Employers Raised By The SARS Health Crisis; Workers’ Compensation Revisions; and Misuse Of Family Leave May Justify Termination.


  • Employers Should Consider Implementing A Cellular  Phone Usage Policy; Individual Liability For Unpaid Wages And Penalties Against Corporate Officer;  SB1661; Family Temporary Disability Insurance State Disability Laws And the Interactive Process – What Employers Should Know; Disciplinary Deductions From Exempt Salary; Employers Can Seek 203 Penalties For Failing To Pay
  • Extra Compensation for Missed Meal or Rest Periods; and ERISA Preempts Labor Code Section 132a Allowing Employer To Halt Employee’s ERISA Regulated Benefits Without Risking A Discrimination Action.

2001 Workshop Material Archives

October 2001


  • Compliance with California Wage Order 2001; A Workers’ Compensation Action; Can Be A Blessing in Disguise; Docking the Pay of Exempt Employees;
  • Non-Compete Agreements Under California Law; How to Successfully Navigate the Disability Minefield; Steps Every Employer Should Take to Prevent Liability in Sexual Harassment Lawsuit; and Labor Code Section 132a Claims.