Why Landegger Verano & Davis?

For over 40 years California employers have relied upon our Firm’s expertise to help them navigate the State’s complex and ever-changing employee focused labor laws. We believe that education is the first line of defense, and that knowledgeable employers backed by an experienced legal team can better protect themselves from the heavy cost of civil litigation.

The building blocks for long-lasting relationships with our clients are based on the simple formula that placing your company’s interests as priority one builds trust, which in turn, allows us to tailor our representation to match your needs and bring about the best possible results. Our Firm is well known for resolving disputes before they begin, for concerted and focused mediation, and for tough and vigorous litigation and trial.

We promote our “education first” philosophy with the following services available to both current and prospective clients:

Committed to making the workplace better, we have comprehensive resources to train and educate employers on employee classification, wage-and-hour issues, sexual harassment prevention, discrimination prevention, drafting comprehensive and legally compliant employee handbooks, and more. Check out our YouTube channel for informative training and educational videos on some of the latest development in employment laws for business owners, managers, and human resources professionals to avoid employee lawsuits. Some of the topics covered are:

  • Employee classification – Federal exemption guidelines for salaried employees – This answers a common question asked by many employers and business owners: Can I classify my employee as an independent contractor / 1099 worker?
  • Common employer HR questions – This is a must watched video that will definitely clarify many of your employment law concerns.  Roxana Verano, Esq. explains in detail about exempt vs non-exempt, hourly employee vs salaried employee!  She also answers the question, “Am I liable to my employee who chooses not to take a meal / lunch break?” and “Can I terminate an employee after this employee has exhausted his or her FMLA leaves?”
  • Eliminating FMLA / ADA Confusion – This video explains this important topic of FMLA, California family leave, ADA, and various types of leaves of absence laws thoroughly.

Our Firm is excited to welcome you to explore all that we offer and to discover what we like to call, Value.