2022 Employment Law Update

We are pleased to bring you the 2022 Labor Law Update video by our employment attorney, Kristina Kourasis, Esq. to keep you informed with new employment laws as you make your way into the new year.

Check out this informative video, packed with lots of employment law updates and over 30 minutes of Q&A. Contact your employment attorney or give us a call at (818) 986-7561 to make sure you’re in compliance with the new law.

  • 01:2905:00 Minimum Wage Increase
  • 05:0105:55 Meal Breaks (meal punch rounding is not allowed in California)
  • 05:5606:37 SB 62 – Garment Manufacturing Wage (piece rate is not allowed)
  • 06:3807:17 SB 657 – Electronic Distribution of Workplace Posters
  • 07:1808:08 SB 807 – Employer Record Retention (4 years)
  • 08:0908:46 AB 701 – Warehouse Distribution Centers to Disclose Quotas to Nonexempt Employees 08:47 – 09:55 AB 286 – Food Delivery Prices & Tips
  • 09:5611:06 AB 1003 – Wage Theft (include wages, tips, and benefits)
  • 11:0712:10 SB 639 – Minimum wages persons with disabilities
  • 12:1113:04 AB 1033 – CFRA Update Adding “Parent-in-Law”
  • 13:0513:30 AB 1506 – Expanded and Revised Independent Contractor Exemptions
  • 13:3114:40 SB 331 – “Silenced No More” – Limits to NDA & Settlement Agreements
  • 14:4115:24 SB 762 – Timing of Fees and Costs Due in Arbitration
  • 15:2515:49 COVID Paid Sick Benefits
  • 15:5018:36 Cal/OSHA ETS Requirements Exclusion Pay
  • 18:3720:17 Exclusion Pay & Paid Sick Leave
  • 20:1855:09 Questions and Answers (Q&A)

We want to thank Greater San Fernando Valley Chamber of Commerce for hosting this webinar!

Kristina Kourasis, Esq. is an employment law attorney with Landegger Verano & Davis, ALC. She is based in our Encino HQ, serving clients in Greater Los Angeles areas and all over Southern California.

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